How to have a Hangover Night in Bangkok

If you’re going to do Bangkok do it right I always say and if you don’t have ping pong shows and Lady boys involved then you really haven’t done it correctly because the nightlife scene in Bangkok is probably the best in the world. Don’t think you’re just going to have sex in Thailand either because you’ll do much more than that you’ll experience what it’s like to really enjoy your life.

The best way to start your evening is with a good soapy massage, there are many good places in Rachada that I’d recommend. The reason you want to do this is so you get the most important business out of the way for you to really enjoy the night. After the romping around you’ll probably be hungry so head down to Nana Plaza and eat some nasty cockroaches and other fried insects off the side of the road.

While in Nana be sure to check out the world famous go-go shows. Honestly people don’t go to these just to see what the girls look like or how they dance because honestly these girls can’t dance at all although a lot more places are getting professional about it and have real showgirls but mostly they don’t. One good place I’d recommend in Nana is on the second floor. Be sure to hang out in the car park also these girls don’t need a bar they need a room.

Next head on over to Patpong where you’ll think your going into a huge labyrinth of shops and you can get some shopping done however what you’re really there to see is a ping pong show. Ping Pong shows are where the girls will stick a ping pong up themselves before spitting it out at customers it’s really a lot of fun to go see something you must check out on your next holiday to Bangkok.

Next you’ll want to go to Limpini park and troll some lady boys they seem to hang around the gates or in dark areas in the hope that you’re really that drunk that you’ll think she is actually a woman. Lots of guys have this mistake and find themselves with another little brother in their bedroom not much fun.

Lastly when there’s nothing to do head back down on Sukhumvit road and there are lots of late night clubs most peeps I know end up at scratch dog though to be honest it’s really not my kind of place it’s kinda too busy and so many random drunk people you always feel a little hesitant about it.

Finally if you’re really going to do Bangkok then why not rent an overly expensive suite at some hotel and enjoy the views with your friends you’ll enjoy it a lot more.